Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fashion Terbaru!

Alaa... Murah je.. Baru $1,624.. =)


  1. cenggini pon 1k? o.0 dah la koyak rabak :| pakai kain buruk umah aku pon boleh :|

  2. haa.. taw xpe.. buruk cmnih pun jual mahal2.. pebende ntah..

  3. study fashion dulu la br tau.... but the truth is that some clothings were made for only a mere 100usd and was sold for 3000usd. That is what the branding means to be. people wearing it because of the name. By the way Balmain is really an overpriced brand i can say. Just like Hermes,CHanel,Bottega Veneta and the shirt you mentioned koyak rabak is from the 2010 season if remember correctly and the theme for that season is military, they have some kind of exquisite looks and that is why you get some kind of koyak rabak shirt, bullets belt etc...