Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Yunho Oppa

6th February 2011

Happy birthday Yunho oppa!! saengilchuckhahamnida!!

haha!! hari ni birthday suami ku terchenta... U-Know Yunho oppa tersayang!! tapi sedih sebab sekarang xleh celebrate.. busy sikit.. xpe2.. nanti bile ade mase sambut dengan birthday Changmin oppa sekali! huhu~

suamiku terchenta : Yunho oppa

bestfriend suamiku : Changmin oppa

meh nak cerita sikit pasal suami aku.. haha

Nama: Jung Yun Ho ( 이운 호)
Tarikh lahir : 6 February 1986
Tempat lahir : GwanJu, Korea Selatan
Tinggi : 184cm
Berat : 66kg
Blood Type: A (same dengan aku!! ^_^)

ni aku ade amek sikit dari info pasal dia dari


01Yunho likes children
02.Yunho likes the sky.
03.Yunho likes travelling (mountain climbing).
04. Yunho likes to watch movies.
05. Yunho likes carbonated drinks.
06. Yunho likes comics (Slam Dunk etc.)
07. Yunho likes fruits (esp strawberry and watermelon).
08. Yunho likes fresh flowers (rose).
09. Yunho likes reading.
10. Yunho likes fried egg with a kind of mixed rice.
11. Yunho likes dancing.
12. Yunho likes walking by the lake.
13. Yunho likes to buy sport shoes.
14. Yunho likes blue, white, black and green (colors).
15. Yunho likes to watch drama.
16. Yunho likes animals (puppies & panda).
17. Yunho likes to ride on bikes (especially green ones).
18. Yunho likes basketball.
19. Yunho likes to write novels on rainy days.
20. Yunho likes to sing.

1. NEVER mention “slimming down” in front of him as his whole stomach is filled with love from the fans.
2. If he’s fixing some car model (toy car model) or things like that, do not talk to him.
3. Even if fans grab his clothes and hair, he’ll still smile at it, but he doesn’t like it at all, so try not to do this to him.
4. Don’t ask him to play any games or bet on anything cos he’s afraid to lose and will try his best to win.
5. Don’t stand beside him when he’s dancing if you don’t wanna be slapped by his powerful moves.
6. He loves fans letter that are straight to the point.
7. He loves to write stories during rainy days, so don’t disturb him if it’s raining.
8. He doesn’t like close contact with strangers, so try not to do that.
9. He is very concerned about his fans’ safety, and he’s very strict about it. So it’s better if you look at him from far rather than being too close with him.
10. If you have any problem about manners or general knowledge, feel free to ask him as he’s the most polite in the group.


and this is some trivia about him...

  • Yunho has a stuffed Bambi that he sleeps with (watch the DBSK house tour)

  • is also really good friends with Super Junior members Hee Chul and Lee Dong Hae

  • Knows TaeKwonDo and won 3rd at a world championship for hapkido, when he was in elementary school

  • Yunho has now porcelain veneers. He started off DBSK with a couple of crooked teeth and a snaggle tooth. He got veneers because his original teeth were causing him problems.

  • Yunho has a bad habit of sleeping diagonally.

  • He likes conservatives lady.

  • He will name his future daughter JiYool.

  • His childhood dream was to be a lawyer.

  • Yunho grew his hair in 2006 because he wanted to see if long hair like JaeJoong’s would look good on him

  • His father didn’t approve of him being a singer but now, he is Yunho’s greatest supporter

  • He’s very fond with children

  • He is the most populer among TVXQ with ‘adjummas’ (middle-aged women) or ‘noona’ (older sister) as he likes to address them

  • Used to talk to crows to help cure depression and loneliness when they first debuted in Japan

  • He admitted that he had a crush on Eugene from S.E.S

  • His parents were actually fighting to be the schools president but ended up falling in love with each other

  • Stage name part of “Uknow” is from his desire to know people and he himself to become know to everyone so stage name in completion is Uknow Yunho

  • Has a little sister

  • #sorry i don't remember where i get this info from.. mianhe~

    now, let's take a look for more gorgeous picture of my oppa!

    ahhhh~ oppa!! you really makes me drooooooling~

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